Mission & Vission


To promote, enhance, inculcate to the public and the community, the social and healthy benefits of engaging in karate and associated disciples.

To instill friendship, camaraderie and goodwill among the members within and with other related associations.

To undertake or participate in training’s, seminars, symposium, or lecture series regarding the aforementioned sport.

To get involved in civic projects or voluntary work to the community.

To participate in various competition in order to achieve a sense of sportmanship and self confidence among the members and other participants.

We strongly believe that only a united Karate community will be able to take its place in the national and international sports platforms. So it we will contribute – wherever possible – to the building of that community, in which different styles do not compete with each other but cooperate in order to facilitate the participation of all practitioners on all levels.


W.U.K.O & A.D. Philippines Inc. is the only Karate-organization that offers practitioners of different Karate-styles an opportunity to train and enhance their level under the guidance of professional trainers and coaches. Our goal is to remove (financial) barriers and to make Karate accessible to anyone who  wants to become a Karateka .

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