Terms & Conditions

By submitting your application form to WUKO & AD Philippines Delegation INC. you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions;

  1. I agree to pay all due fees, and acknowledge that I am not entitled to any discount for failure to attend classes or event.
  2. I accept that misconduct, disloyalty , or any behavior that bring discredit to the Organization will be viewed as a serious and will, if the President Chief Instructor so decides, result in the immediate dismissal of the student without recourse of any kind.
  3. In consideration of the Organization, agreeing to accept me, to train and participate in all martial arts activities to do with the Organization, I acknowledge that I do so entirely at my own risk and that I shall not hold the Organization in any way responsible for accident, loss or injury of any kind. I acknowledge that I am participating in a body contact activity and that while every endeavor will be made to ensure my welfare, there is always a risk of bodily injury. The Organization I am now joining will not be responsible in any way, implied or otherwise for any claims arising out of membership of the foresaid Organization.
  4. I shall obey all instruction given to me by my Instructor or seniors, as long as such instruction does not disadvantage the Organization or its agents.
  5. I agree to abide by all the rules and requirement pursuant to membership of the Organization and I agree to pay the annual registration fee.
  6. I agree to abide by all decision given after testing.
  7. I agree not to belong to any other martial art without the express permission of the President Chief Instructor.

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