Available Items

kyokushin_oz (1)

                      KK652 – Kyokushin uniform 8oz, 2’ elastic waist pants and belt                       

white (1)

KS549 – Karate suit, white crossover 8oz, 2’ elastic waist and belt 

white_karate (1)

                                 KS517 –  Karate suit, white crossover 12oz, 2’ elastic waist and belt                               

black_uniform (1)

                        KS539 – Karate suit, black crossover 8oz, 2’ elastic waist and belt                         

judo_bluejudo_white (1)

KS549 – Judo uniform single weave, white and blue

    kyokushin (1)

                            KC329 – Kyokushin uniform white 12oz canvass, drawstring pants and belt                  

kyokushin_canvas (1)

       KY648 – Kyokushin uniform unbleached canvass, drawstring pants and belt

black blue brown (1) green (1) orange (1) purple (1) red (1) white (3) yellow (1)

KB131 – Karate belts 4.5cm woven fabric padding

  • All Items are Imported.
  • For inquiries and orders of Shureido and Tokaido Brands please send us an e-mail at wukoph@gmail.com.
  • For item orders to be shipped, please note that buyers will shoulder the extra shipping fee. Shipping amount depends on how many items are to be purchased and location of delivery. We will ship items via LBC Express.

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