Shorin Ryu Shido-Kan Okinawa Karate Homo DoJo Nepal International Friendship Shido-Kan Seminar


International Presincula Shido-Kan Hombu held the International Friendship Shido-Kan Seminar last September 26, 2015 at Manamaiju-2, Kathmandu Nepal. Led by Kyoshi Alberto Presincula, this seminar aims to teach children of Nepal the art of Shorin Ryu Shido-Kan.

11863401_1028573297194847_4337066023382220229_n 12033093_1030767366975440_4033941257141129373_n 12049725_1029170970468413_1990698650317999250_n nepal friendship seminar Sep 26 2015

Here are some random photos of Kyoshi Alberto Presincula’s together with his students in Nepal.


In the photo above, Ran Bahadur Bogati (right) is giving Kyoshi Alberto Presincula (left) his plaque of appreciation for recognizing his support and effort for making this seminar successful.

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